April 2017: First Art Auction

vintage crinkle pants + red velvet wedges

The Gang’s All Here, my entry to ARTini 2017

This April, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in this year’s ARTini Art Auction benefiting Allied Arts, who does so much to grow this city’s art scene. It was so exciting! My framed #watercolorandink original, The Gang’s All Here, hung along side some of my favorite artists in town (Marilyn Artus, what?!). My piece was a full watercolor sheet, a little larger than 2 feet by 3 feet framed.

The fact that it sold was the icing on the cake to an amazing night out with family and friends complete with gifted acrobats dangling from the ceiling to match the circus theme at the Farmers Market in downtown OKC. Even better, I had the chance to talk with the sweet buyer who was picking up my piece for her first home with her hubby. Stories like that make my day (week! month!), knowing my work will be part of someone’s lifetime together. I can’t wait to participate again next year!

December 2016 Art Shows

After the glow of November’s show, I was thrilled to have a double decker of awesome to keep the momentum rolling in December.

It was my first time to participate in two annual art shows benefitting two of my favorite local ‘hoods: the 4x4 show for The Paseo where my current gallery is located and the 6x6 show benefitting The Plaza District. (Shout out to Plaza Director Cayla for being so awesome to work with!!) 

Another first for me was the opportunity to work on canvas and in smaller, more constrained spaces than most of my recent paper work. I did a little research online and at the library to delve into how other artists used watercolor on canvas and discovered Daniel Smith Watercolor Grounds, which has since come to be a staple in the studio. (Unexpected new love: watercolor grounds on cardboard. Stay tuned.)

I really loved the exercise of creating something in new parameters, delivering on deadline, and getting to hang along side so many fellow local artists, many of whom I admire so much. The fact that both pieces sold (thank you, OKC!!!) AND raised money for beloved local organizations doing so much to connect all of us was a massive added bonus. 

I love this city, and I love these ‘hoods. Here’s to many more.

SOLD at Paseo Arts District 4x4 Show 2016

SOLD at Plaza District 6x6 Show 2016

Meant to Be

You can currently buy my work at In Your Eye Gallery in The Paseo next door to The Other Rom & The Picasso Cafe. The gallery is  open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from noon to 5, First Fridays from 5-10 PM, and by appointment. Just drop me a line!

Online store on this site and selling directly on Instagram coming soon. PROMISE.

“Color, Connections, Constellations” Lights Up My November

Earlier this summer, I was facing a lengthy stretch of work with lots of activity combined with very little down time. I know myself well enough to know: this does not a balanced Caroline make. (INFJ problems. The struggle is real.) Long hours and looming deadlines can often be the death knell to creativity. At least mine. And sanity. 

So, I decided to act and reach for a little bit of that self care. I (finally) started a meditation practice. And then, about the same time, my mom offered up her vintage Strathmore watercolor pads which she had kept in the bottom drawer of her grandmother’s writing desk for decades. I’m not sure which came first, the meditation or the urge to paint again, but I know this: I have reconnected with something wonderful that I am not going to put back down… ever. I am in the midst of a mad love affair with watercolor and ink. So get ready for some original art to fill your walls. 

Come see the opening of my collection of all new original art at In Your Eye Gallery on Friday 11/04 for #firstfridaypaseo. “Color, Connections, Constellations” will be up all of November through 11/26. I will have framed works in addition to many signed originals and minis (perfect for gifts, if I don’t say so myself) there on hand. Each piece of one-of-a-kind and made especially for you. 

This website will be getting a face lift to showcase my new original art in addition to my photography work; in the meantime, please follow my work on InstagramTwitter, and Snapchat. Following my favorite artists on Instagram Stories and Snapchat has been a new and exciting way for me to keep up with my favorite artists, and I am taking full advantage of the ability to share my work and studio in the same way. 

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