Caroline Cohenour: Biography

Caroline Cohenour is a mixed media artist living and working in Oklahoma City. Having spent most of her adult life in California, she returned a few years ago to her beloved native Oklahoma; both states heavily influence her work. 

An unabashed creative, Caroline's creative path dates back to her earliest memories and has spanned writing, photography, and most recently, an unexpected and meaningful reconnection with painting. Named after her grandmother, also an artist, she got a double dose of creative juice as her great-grandmother was another Caroline who voraciously collected art and travels. 

Over the last decade plus, Caroline's photography has appeared in such places as holiday cards and private collections, engagement announcements and head shots, Whoorl, Design Crush, gig announcements, the front page of Utata, and The Hollywood Reporter. The first photo she sold became the cover of a Japanese philosophy book thanks to Flickr; it was that moment she realized that making art could become her living. She has been pursuing a life of creativity ever since, with elements of her writing and her photography carrying through into her current watercolor and ink work.

Her new foray into painting seeks out parallel spaces, shapes, and colors that her photography did, all ways of communicating similar themes, concepts, emotions. She works mostly on paper with watercolor and ink, with the occasional pencil, pastel, and marker thrown in for good measure. 

One of 12 resident artists at In Your Eye Gallery since 2014, a co-op gallery in The Paseo Arts District in OKC, Caroline's work can be found there Thurs-Fri-Sat from 12-5 pm, First Fridays until 10 pm, and by appointment, (405) 525-2161. 

Online store and Instagram sales forthcoming...

Caroline Cohenour: Current Inspirations

Hieroglyphics * Travel * The 1970s * Under the sea * Outer Space * Music * Motown * Cinema * Airports & Airplanes * Circuit boards * String lights * The French New Wave * Liberty * The Color Yellow * Telephone booths * Convertibles * Road Trips * The American Revolution * 

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