December 2017: Solo Show in The Paseo

Putting together a solo art show exhilarates like no other experience. It offers a blank space all your own, a room to deck the halls with your own creations. 

December was all mine, a chance to open my studio doors to the world on First Friday in The Paseo. As a resident artist at In Your Eye, it’s a dream to fill the back room of our gallery once a year. This year, like last, I opted to go solo without a guest artist. “These New Horizons” was my chance to share 2017’s heart and soul with the greater world: water, paint, symbols, words, marks, color (!!!), shape, all conspiring to tell a shared story.

I filled the walls with custom-framed work and the shelves in the nook with table top framed originals, baskets of unframed originals, and a handful of custom-framed canvases, too. Those and the cardboard pieces were big hits! It was a full room of consistent work across months, many layers of emotions and thought, and seeing it all together made me tear up with a mixture of pride, joy, and relief. (Anyone who has worked on a production or a show or a collaboration knows what I mean!)

As always, my friends and family, clients and cohorts filled the gallery for a private sneak peak (and some cheese and wine) the night before the 12/1 opening, honoring me with their hugs, love, and purchases. Seeing those beloved orange dots fill the wall will never stop wowing me. And I will never get over the awe of sharing these small pieces of my heart with the greater world that inspires me oh so much. Between that and the First Friday opening, my heart is full.

Enjoy some photos from the show. In 2018, I endeavor to be better about taking more pics slash hiring a photographer to capture the opening with people a-buzzing!

First Friday opening in The Paseo.

Upper right hand corner: “Dear Lloyd Dobler”

All dolled up for opening night.

Flyer for Instagram.

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