Guthrie and My First Instameet

Back in January, my childhood schoolmate and current photography cohort, Leigh Love, and I went to Guthrie with countless other Instagram devotees (including Colorado-transplant neighbor Alison and I-only-know-him-via-his-photos-and-the-interwebs-and-he-rocks Darren). We had coffee at the legendary Hoboken Coffee Roasters where they spin Billie Holiday and the Head and the Heart one after the other (and mean it) with quality beans and teas and snackage. This place is quintessential Guthrie and wholeheartedly Oklahoman with the kind of maker-meets-curator vibe that think tanks can’t buy. GET THERE NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T. Stop there on your road trip. Make an afternoon day trip there from OKC. Whatever it takes, go. Good peeps.

We also traipsed around town \(which is so full of photo ops I could go back weekly to visit and continue to mine it\) and ended up at Hoof & Horn where we all couldn’t believe our luck with the ethereal afternoon light plus trike. I especially loved seeing the street art remnants from last year’s super amazing Gentlemen of the Road music festival. Enjoy this little sample of our day!

\*\*: if anyone knows any of the folks in the photos, I’d love to link to them. Contact me .

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Coffee at Hoboken Coffee Roasters

The State Capital building, Guthrie, OK

Hoof & Horn, Guthrie, OK

Gentlemen of the Road Festival street art, Guthrie, OK

Hoboken Coffee Roasters, Guthrie, OK

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