“Color, Connections, Constellations” Lights Up My November

Earlier this summer, I was facing a lengthy stretch of work with lots of activity combined with very little down time. I know myself well enough to know: this does not a balanced Caroline make. (INFJ problems. The struggle is real.) Long hours and looming deadlines can often be the death knell to creativity. At least mine. And sanity. 

So, I decided to act and reach for a little bit of that self care. I (finally) started a meditation practice. And then, about the same time, my mom offered up her vintage Strathmore watercolor pads which she had kept in the bottom drawer of her grandmother’s writing desk for decades. I’m not sure which came first, the meditation or the urge to paint again, but I know this: I have reconnected with something wonderful that I am not going to put back down… ever. I am in the midst of a mad love affair with watercolor and ink. So get ready for some original art to fill your walls. 

Come see the opening of my collection of all new original art at In Your Eye Gallery on Friday 11/04 for #firstfridaypaseo. “Color, Connections, Constellations” will be up all of November through 11/26. I will have framed works in addition to many signed originals and minis (perfect for gifts, if I don’t say so myself) there on hand. Each piece of one-of-a-kind and made especially for you. 

This website will be getting a face lift to showcase my new original art in addition to my photography work; in the meantime, please follow my work on InstagramTwitter, and Snapchat. Following my favorite artists on Instagram Stories and Snapchat has been a new and exciting way for me to keep up with my favorite artists, and I am taking full advantage of the ability to share my work and studio in the same way. 

Midtown with My Girl Whoorl for Marie Hell

This July I had the opportunity to romp around a fave Oklahoma City ‘hood with a fave girl, Miss Sarah for a post for her 10-year old (!!) blog.

The goal was clean shots of two looks, two bad ass dresses from Marie Hell in LA: one black, and one white. It was fun to spend a couple of summer hours laughing and living up the summer with one of my oldest buds. It was also a spectacular chance to branch out into new territory for me, fashion shots. 

Who wouldn’t be inspired by girl time, summer dresses and Midtown?!


from Whoorl.com

Goodbye, Middle School

I loved getting to photograph the B family. Their twin girls were graduating eighth grade, so we started off at the Devon Tower downtown on their way to their class graduation tower. We had originally planned on taking advantage of the gorgeous Myriad Gardens, but those insane (!!) Oklahoma City May rains drove us inside. (I learned The Tower is a good rain option with its crazy amounts of glass to let that natural light in!) It turned out to be for the best.

We then had a second, more casual shoot a week or two later so I could hang with the family in their element at home. I loved getting to capture two sides of the girls! The first dressed in their best, and their second in their summer shorts. Summertime means longer days for shooting, so we started after dinner and just hung out and talked summer plans (plus a little trampoline action!). It’s on to high school for these two, and their sweet parents couldn’t be more proud.

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